To help break the silence about sexualized violence in our communities and congregations MCC joins with other faith-based organizations. We raise awareness and provide resources for an effective response, prevention and care:

  • MCC U.S. offers printed resources that are useful to churches working to prevent abuse. This can also be useful for individuals who are coping with abuse or want to help a friend.
  • MCC East Coast offers domestic violence trainings to churches.
  • West Coast MCC provides legal assistance for undocumented immigrants who have been abused or assaulted, helping them to get legal residency.

The initiatives listed above are participatory and begin with a listening process to gather baseline information from representative MCC constituents – churches, universities, and constituent organizations.  This will guide our facilitated open conversations, trainings for pastors and leaders and resources.

Through this process, MCC hopes to build our constituent's capacity to address sexualized violence within their own contexts. They can begin to build awareness and provide tools for practical methods of prevention and care.

Download webinar recordings 

MCC hosted three webinars to help your congregation create a community of care for those affected by harm. And to find life-giving ways to talk about healthy sexuality and sexualized violence.

Healthy Sexuality in our Congregations

Sexualized violence, How should churches respond?

Healthy masculinity