In order to do our work of relief, development and peace, it’s important that MCC addresses policies that contribute to poverty and injustice. Advocacy is how we do that.

Our advocacy work is rooted in the understanding that we are called by God to be a voice with and for the poor, oppressed and marginalized. We take our inspiration from the biblical witness of Moses, Esther, John the Baptist, the prophets and Jesus himself.

At MCC we base our advocacy on what we hear from workers and partners on the ground; as Christians, we believe loving our neighbors means their voices shape our messages to governments.

Some of our advocacy work includes:

  • Analyzing policies from an Anabaptist perspective
  • Meeting with legislators and diplomats
  • Petitions and letter-writing campaigns
  • Praying for government officials

MCC has advocacy offices in Ottawa, Washington and at the United Nations.