Give hope and comfort. A handmade comforter provides not only warmth but also a tangible message to people that their needs are not forgotten.

38,148 comforters shipped last year to Burkina Faso, Canada, Jordan, Iraq, Haiti, Syria, Ukraine, the U.S., and Zambia.

Comforter specifications

  • Use new or nearly new material
  • Single/twin size preferred (approx 60 x 80 in); double/full size accepted (approx 82 x 90 in)
  • Winter weight preferred (please use new quilt batting)
  • Knotted with crochet cotton (not more than 4–8 in apart) 

For detailed instructions, download MCC's comforter guidelines or watch the three-part video series to learn how to make an MCC comforter. 

Part I: How to sew a comforter top

A step by step guide on how to tie an MCC comforter. To learn more about MCC's comforter making guidelines visit:


Part II: How to tie a comforter

How to tie together the layers of an MCC comforter. Part 2 of 3 of the step-by-step guide.


Part III: How to finish a comforter

How to finish an MCC comforter. Part 3 of 3 of the step-by-step guide.

Also needed

  • Purchased comforters (twin or full size)
  • New, flat twin sheets (for hospitals, schools and orphanages)

Bring completed comforters to an MCC drop-off location.