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Portrait of the garden plot collectively run by Asucena Duarte, Mirna Elizabet Salinas, Brenda Damilet Perez and Martina Jacinta Aldána and one other woman in Achotial, a town in San Julian county, E

"Our shared future is dependent on nurturing the wellbeing of each other and the planet; our resilience determined by the strength of our bonds."

MCC has developed an experiential learning activity exploring collective climate actions rooted in belonging. The activity works best for groups of 15-40 people and can be completed in a 1-hour or 90-minute timeframe. Tailoring options for different age groups are also available.

Invite us to facilitate this activity in your community. Throughout the activity, groups explore actions individuals and communities can take to lessen the impacts of climate change. Participants assemble in small groups to work through scenarios, consider their leverage points, encounter disparity between the different actors globally, and reflect on how climate action contributes to peacebuilding. Overall, this activity aspires to guide participants to recognize that our collective potential to address the climate crisis is tied to our understanding of belonging.

Invite MCC to facilitate this activity in your community.


This 15-minute film follows two community leaders who hold a powerful vision of finding solutions to problems that involve both climate change and gender inequity in Mwenezi District, Zimbabwe. Tariro Cynthia Mutsindikwa, an engineer, and Caroline Pugeni, a project manager, are working together to empower women with clean energy equipment and knowledge – one fuel-efficient stove at a time.

Invite MCC to facilitate a film screening and lead a discussion in your community.

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Portrait of Elita Moyo, who is a part of the Women's Coalition of Climate Change.

MCC’s National Peace & Justice Ministries assembled worship resources to help your congregation reflect on climate change and our role in taking climate action to build a more peaceful world. You will find reflections, prayers, readings, scripture verses and song selections to help you plan a service that will inspire you to think about God’s creation and how we can work for a better climate future for all. You can download the resources below.

Download a PDF of worship resources

Sunset over a rice field

To encourage dialogue on climate change, For the Love of Creation, a Canadian faith-based climate justice initiative supported by MCC Canada, developed Faithful Climate Conversations, a series of guides to facilitate small group conversations on climate change. Visit for resources available in French.

There are three guides available:

Creation, Climate and You

Designed for people who have rarely, if ever, talked about climate change in a group setting before, this guide focuses on gently surfacing peoples’ emotions and underlying thoughts about climate change.


From Concern to Action

For people who may have a basic understanding of climate change or are concerned about the effects of climate change, but remain uncertain about the best ways to act in light of this reality.


Build a Better Future

Meant for people who have already been involved in climate action at some level, this guide focuses on enacting political and systemic change to address the climate emergency.


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