The challenge

Help 10,000 kids attend school by donating 10,000 school kits during the month of August. Whether you donate one or 100 school kits, every donation helps!

Notebooks and pencils are a tangible message of God’s love for families around the world who have been forced to flee their homes or struggle to afford basic school supplies. Without these items, many kids can’t get the education they desperately need.

Enter, the School Kit Challenge: 10,000 school kits to help 10,000 kids during the month of August.

To help you meet this challenge, we’ve got a fun school kit activity resource for Sunday school and VBS students! Sign up below and receive our free resource full of activities for kids to learn how school supplies help children around the world receive an education.

Together, we can share God’s love with our global neighbours by giving the gift of education through erasers, pencils and more!

How you can get involved:

Gather up your kids or take a solo trip to your local school supply shop and purchase the items needed to create a school kit. We gladly accept donations of complete school kits or some of the supplies. Learn what goes into a school kit and how to pack the items or watch Erin pack a school kit. Once your school kits are ready, bring them to an MCC kit drop-off location near you.

For suggestions on where you can school kit items in your area, please contact your local MCC material resources drop-off centre.

Don’t have the time to purchase supplies and drop off a school kit? Sponsor the cost of items for one instead. A donation of $8.50 covers the cost of all the needed items for one kit including the double drawstring bag the supplies are packed in.

Help Sunday School and VBS kids learn how school supplies can help children around the world get an education with the School Kit Challenge activity resource. To get this free resource, sign up below.

Plus, learn how school kits are changing the lives of students like Mary and John in South Sudan.

What’s a challenge without a little contest? Post a photo of your school kit packing group to social media and you’re entered to win a pizza party courtesy of MCC! Two prizes will be given, one for the most creative photo of your school kits and another for the most school kits shown in a photo. Can you get 200 school kits in one photo?

To enter, simply post your photo to social media, tag @mccpeace in your post, and use the hashtag, #MCCSchoolKitChallenge. All photos posted to Facebook or Instagram by August 31, 2023 will be entered to win some tasty pizza!

School Kit challenge

Download the School Kit Challenge activity guide today!