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Peace is more than a wish

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Have you ever wished there was more peace in your life, in your relationships with friends and family or even in the world? Maybe you’ve wondered what having more peace looks like. Or how you can get there? 

MCC’s Peace is more than a wish project can help you navigate these questions and provide you with tools to work towards making peace more than a wish. You’ll find resources for building peace skills in your day-to-day life, books and study guides for congregations and insightful articles featuring MCC peacebuilding projects from all over the world.

Together, let’s make peace more than a wish!

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The absurdity of Christmas

Christmas is coming. We light candles for Advent and prepare our hearts for a miracle. The songs, the trees, the moments of yearning and waiting, the knowledge there will be surprises on Christmas morning. I love it all, perhaps mostly for the predictability of knowing that some variation of all these things will happen in my December.

Yet that first “away in a manger” wasn’t scheduled, it was a time of mystics, of dreams and visions, of God appearing in the least planned and most absurd ways.

MCC staff, along with their families, celebrated Christmas 2017 at MCC's office in Kolkata, India. Children pictured from left, Brishti Ghosh, Rachel Das, Reyana Kader and Angelina Hazra. (MCC photo/C

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Every month, join us on a learning journey where Anna Vogt shares what she is learning about topics related to peacebuilding from MCC staff and partners. 

Anna is the co-director of MCC Canada’s Peace & Justice Office. Through her work, she has witnessed ordinary people from all over the world build peace rooted in faith, fail at building peace, start again, learn from and laugh with one another. We can do this too, right here at home, starting slow and small.

Give the gift of peace.

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