Coins add up. Each year, spare change collected by churches, children and families add up to more than $600,000 for MCC’s work around the world.

Join the fun! Here's how-

  • Spread the word. Order My Coins Count wrappers from to label containers for spare change, or create your own containers to gather contributions. View and print wrappers and posters from the resources.
  • Get people excited! Share stories in children's time, make announcements. Show the congregation a My Coins Count - How to video. The best way to get people excited is by telling stories about the difference their coins will make. Links to stories on waterfood, or education.

My Coins Count donations most often are given to MCC through relief sales. Don’t have a relief sale near you? Donate through your local MCC office.

Looking for other child friendly giving projects, click to this VBS/Sunday school page.


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