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Assignments in Relief

Join us in responding to basic human needs around the world through SALT opportunities ranging from migration and refugee support to assisting with the planning, monitoring, and evaluation of relief projects. 

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Assignments in Development

Whether it is teaching English, being a nurse, or promoting sustainable agriculture practices, there are numerous opportunities to join in the work for sustainable access to food, health, education and livelihoods.

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Assignments in Peace

Join local communities and organizations to build a brighter, more peaceful future. Various SALT opportunities such as teaching conflict resolution skills to students, organizing inter-religious dialogue, or advocating for peace and justice are available.

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Assignments in Africa

Assist with community development projects in Kenya, be a nurse in Nigeria or Uganda, work at a peace library in Rwanda, or build the monitoring and reporting capacity of our partner organizations in Burkina Faso. We have many SALT opportunities across Africa to gain experience and build meaningful relationships.

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Assignments in Asia

Whether as a youth worker in Cambodia, conducting agriculture and nutrition research in Nepal, teaching English in India, or assisting with health projects in Bangladesh, SALT offers many ways to use your skills and try new things in Asia.

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Assignments in Latin America and the Caribbean

Provide migrant support in Guatemala or Mexico, teach English in Colombia, lead programming for at-risk children and families in Bolivia, or provide psycho-social support in Honduras. Serve alongside our partner organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean while immersing yourself in another culture.

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Assignments in Europe and the Middle East

Be a refugee caseworker, assist with peace and justice advocacy, teach English, writing project proposals, or provide administrative support. SALT has numerous ways for you to live out your values and learn by participating in work of our partner organizations in Europe and the Middle East.

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