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What is SALT?

MCC’s Serving and Learning Together (SALT) program is a year-long, cross-cultural experience that will give you the chance to dive deep into another culture and grow in ways you never imagined.

SALT will give you a chance to go deep into a new culture, live out your values and experience growth you never imagined.

You will serve alongside local organizations that MCC partners with, supporting their work and gaining hands-on experience. The skills, knowledge, and personal capacity you build will exercise your faith muscles and set you up for success in your future career, wherever and whatever that may be.

You will be integrated in a local community in a deeper way, building your intercultural skills. During your assignment you’ll live with a host family or another communal setting. The relationships you form with your local community and church will be mutually transformative, supporting you and shifting your perspectives.

You will also have a chance to live out your values, learning from and participating in local work around systemic issues like social justice, climate change, power and privilege. Simply put, it’s a chance to be part of something bigger, including the long-lasting peace work of MCC.

Your time with SALT is not just a year abroad. It’s a chance to go deep into a new culture and relate to the world in a new way. It’s a chance to make mistakes, get messy and learn through trying. It’s an opportunity to grow in ways you have never even imagined. You’ll grow. You’ll experience the world. You’ll find purpose. You will Serve and Learn Together.

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