Grow hope with us!


By sponsoring an acre with Grow Hope, you are helping to provide food where it's needed most. Your gift makes it possible for families who have been displaced from their homes to receive a food basket, or to get the tools and seeds they need for their garden so they can send their children to school.

According to the United Nations, 122 million people have been pushed into hunger since 2019, bringing us to 900 million people around the world who face severe food insecurity. Ongoing effects from the pandemic, changes in weather patterns, and global conflict all contribute to making the hunger crisis even worse.

You may be wondering what you can do about a problem that is so big. 

Change starts and continues with one small step forward at a time. Will you help us?

Our seven Manitoba Grow Hope farmers are once again ready – with planning, planting, cultivating, and harvesting crops to help feed hungry families across the world.

But we need your help to make that happen. If you sponsor an acre on a Grow Hope farm, Joseph, Grant, Edward and others will plant the seeds, care for the field, harvest, and sell the crops – and then will donate the proceeds to help provide food where it’s most needed.

Join us in Grow Hope by sponsoring an acre of Manitoba farmland and your support will grow!

Questions? Contact Rebecca, our Grow Hope Coordinator, at 204-261-6381,



How it works

You sponsor an acre for $350 – or part of an acre, or more than one! Your sponsorship covers the costs for planting and cultivating the crop, which will grow into stalks of wheat or blooming yellow canola.

MCC Grow Hope farmers – like Clayton Harder in Narol, Robert and Ellen Stevenson in Kenton, or Jerry Waldner at Crystal Spring Hutterite Colony – will plant and tend to the crop all season. In fall, they’ll harvest and sell it for the best yield they can.

The crop proceeds are deposited into MCC’s account with Canadian Foodgrains Bank (CFGB). And then, through a special agreement between CFGB and the Government of Canada, those donations are eligible to be matched up to four times through additional funds!

The funds will be matched at least 1:1, or up to 4:1, by the Government of Canada – growing into as much as $2,500 to equip farmers to feed their families, and live-saving food for people in crisis. Talk about reaping a bountiful harvest! 

farmer looking down for combine harvester

Updates through the season

After you donate to Grow Hope, you’ll receive email updates throughout planting, cultivating and harvest-time, and you’ll learn about the impacts that you helped to make possible – stories from local farmers and global partners!  

Darryl Loewen, executive director of MCC Manitoba, emcees the 2019 Grow Hope Harvest Celebration at Silverwinds Colony in Sperling, Manitoba on August 25, 2019.
Grow Hope is an MCC project that bring

We’d love to share with you!

If you’ve supported Grow Hope with your family, small group, or wider community you can invite MCC to come and share with you about your impact! Email to invite MCC to speak with you, and learn more about global hunger and MCC’s responses. 

Story Location CambodiaOct 2019

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How your support can Grow Hope

When you join our Grow Hope community, you’ll be helping to transform the lives of people like Chim Yean and his wife, Reach Koeun, in Cambodia. Through the gifts of Grow Hope supporters, Chim and Reach have daily income and food to share. Read their story to learn more, or watch the video at the top of the page to see for yourself!

A Cambodian man and woman each hold a chicken. The woman is laughing.
“Before I worked so hard, like working in the rice field for somebody or borrowing money or doing whatever for other people to get money and to buy the vegetable, fish and chicken. Now I grow everything.”

Reach Koeun