Introducing: Relief, Development and...Podcast!

Introducing: Relief, Development and Podcast - a new podcast from MCC!


Relief, Development and Podcast is a new podcast from MCC. This show is all about staying connected, especially at this unusual time — connecting with each other and connecting with the realities faced by displaced and vulnerable people around the world.

Every episode features a conversation with a special guest, stories from the field and updates about people and programs making an impact all around the world. Together we’ll hear stories about relief, development and peace, and how your support for MCC helps to meet basic human needs and work for peace and justice.

Lessons from cholera in Haiti / guest Cate Friesen

MCC staff Annalee Giesbrecht and Paul Fast share the story of how, several years ago, MCC partners contributed to the elimination of cholera cases in two remote communities in Haiti. The two talk about how these lessons can be applied to a COVID-19 response.

Professional storyteller Cate Friesen joins host Scott Campbell to talk about her work, some of the influential people she's met along the way, and how holding a human brain shaped the way she understands storytelling.

MCC worker Wendy Vado in Nicaragua ends the episode with her story of a "magic hammock."

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COVID-19 response in DR Congo / guest Cindy Klassen

Mulanda Jimmy Juma shares about how his experience as a displaced person helps inform his work for MCC today in the Democratic Republic of Congo and how our partners there are responding to COVID-19 in camps for displaced people.

Olympian Cindy Klassen joins host Scott Campbell to talk about her Olympic career, her life today and how she views achievement and success.

MCC worker Alex Azar in Jordan ends the episode with the story of how his children filled the streets of Amman with song during quarantine.


Laughing through fear in Syria / guest comedian Matt Falk

On this episode of the show, Rima (full name not used for security reasons), who works for an MCC partner in Syria, shares about how she and her colleagues found joy amidst danger when a bomb fell nearby during a craft workshop.
Comedian Matt Falk joins host Scott Campbell to talk about how comedy can shift culture and be used as a tool for social change.
MCC worker Annalee Giesbrecht ends the episode with the story about a mysterious nightly serenader in Mexico City.

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