Message from Palestinian Christians

Palestine and Israel — Nov 2023

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As conflict has escalated in the region, MCC laments the violence and mourns all lives lost in Palestine and Israel.  MCC remains committed to a just peace for all, and we invite you to join us in praying and advocationg for an end to the violence.

MCC recently asked Palestinian Christians what they want Christians from around the world to know about Palestine and Israel, in light of the conflict in Gaza.

Here is what they said:

"Pray for us"

"We are created in God's image"

"We do pray"

MCC's response to the Palestine and Israel conflict

MCC is responding to the current crisis with existing partners as safety allows, providing ready to eat food packages and bedding to families in need. Our response is focused on the humanitarian needs in Gaza, given the vulnerability of the population and lack of resources available to families. We are also planning to offer trauma healing support and housing reconstruction.

MCC will continue to work with partners in both Palestine and Israel towards a just peace for all. We welcome donations to support our response to the current crisis.

Learn more about MCC's response and how to get involved.

Give to MCC's response in Palestine and Israel

Every donation makes a difference for those affected by the conflict.