MCC Canada sends letters to Government Ministers

Parliament Hill (Centre Block), in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

What would you do if you were Prime Minister and oversaw giving mandates to your Ministers?  

In July, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a Cabinet shuffle for many Minsters. A Minister is a Member of Parliament who oversees the running of different government departments and determining and implementing the government’s priorities in these areas. As Parliament returns to Ottawa this fall, there are new Ministers in several key departments of interest to MCC: Immigration, Refugee and Citizenship, Public Safety, International Development, Defence, and Justice

When a Minister is appointed, the Prime Minister will give each new person a mandate letter that outlines the priorities they are to implement over their term. As a complement to those mandates and to introduce ourselves and offer our support to the work of governing, MCC sent welcome letters with a few of the items that we would include on their mandate letters, if we were Prime Minister.  

You can read these letters here and send your own using our letter writing tools. We might not be in charge of governing Canada, but together, we can work to uphold human dignity, peace and justice!