Grow hope with us

By sponsoring an acre with Grow Hope, you are helping to provide food where it's needed most. Your gift makes it possible for families who have been displaced from their homes to receive a food basket, or to get the tools and seeds they need for their garden so they can send their children to school.

Join us in Grow Hope by sponsoring an acre of Alberta farmland for $350. Is that more or less than you can give? We encourage giving partial - or multiple - acres, too! You can also have your friends or family join you in a giving project to support Grow Hope.

Contact our office at 403-275-6935, or to learn more.

How it works:

An illustration of four different rows. Row one says "You sponsor an acre." Two two says, "A farmer grows and harvests the crop." The third row says, "The funds are donated." The fourth row says, "And it could grow."

Updates from our farmers 

After you donate to Grow Hope, you’ll receive email updates throughout the season and learn about the impacts that you helped to make possible – stories from local farmers and global partners!  

Invite MCC to share 

If you’ve supported Grow Hope with your family, small group, or wider community you can invite MCC to come and share with you about your impact! Email to invite an MCC staff to speak to your group, and learn more about global hunger and MCC’s responses. 

How your support can Grow Hope 

When you join our Grow Hope community, you’ll be helping to transform the lives of people like Chim Yean and his wife, Reach Koeun, in Cambodia. Each $350 acre sponsorship can grow into $2,500 for food security – talk about a bountiful harvest!

A Cambodian man and woman each hold a chicken.
“Before I worked so hard, like working in the rice field for somebody or borrowing money or doing whatever for other people to get money and to buy the vegetable, fish and chicken. Now I grow everything.”

Reach Koeun

Through the gifts of Grow Hope supporters, Chim and Reach have daily income and food to share. Read more about other farmers like them, and how this community works together for the benefit of all farmers. 

Watch this video to see the impacts for yourself.

grow hope infographic

Did you know you can grow hope with your family, friends and church community with a Giving Registry?

  1. Set your goal of sponsored acres


  2. Write a short description about your group and your goal


  3. Upload your description and a photo to a Giving Registry page


  4. Share the unique link and watch your community Grow Hope together!

Contact MCC Alberta for more information.

Help Grow Hope

When you give to Grow Hope, you are supporting local growers and having an impact globally.