Welcoming Newcomers in Treaty Territory Together

Embark on a journey of understanding and explore themes of peace and reconciliation at this event, which is organized to coincide with World Refugee Day and National Indigenous Peoples Day.

Saturday, June 22
10:00AM - 12:00PM EDT

Toronto United Mennonite Church
1774 Queen Street East
3rd floor
Toronto ON M4L1G7

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A large group of people pose together at an airport A large group of people pose together at an airport

In recognition of World Refugee Day June 20th and National Indigenous Peoples Day June 21st, MCC Ontario’s Migration and Refugee Resettlement and Indigenous Neighbours Programs are collaborating together on an upcoming event on June 22nd to explore what it means to welcome newcomers in Treaty territory together.

We’ll hear impactful stories from newcomers and their sponsorship group. We’ll listen to and learn from an Indigenous elder who will share about the Dish With One Spoon, and how land and resources can be shared to the mutual benefit of all the inhabitants together.  

We’ll hear updates on current initiatives within both MCC’s Migration & Resettlement and the Indigenous Neighbours programs. We’ll celebrate stories of arrival, peacebuilding, reconciliation, welcome and inclusion here in Ontario.  

Please join us for a light lunch following the program. 

Free parking available. NISKA Indigenous artisanal creations for sale. 

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