"I Love You and It Hurts" Theatre Performance

An immersive performance of three short plays by Theatre of the Beat. Performances focus on how to recognize the subtle early signs of abuse in relationships. Admission by donation in support of MCC's End Abuse programs in British Columbia.

Thursday, October 26
7:00 - 9:30PM PDT

Langley Mennonite Fellowship
20997 40 Ave
Langley BC V3A 8N9

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Black and white images of miscellaneous items with a title of the play "I Love You and It Hurts" Black and white images of miscellaneous items with a title of the play "I Love You and It Hurts"



Thursday, October 26 at 7pm
Langley Mennonite Fellowship (20997 40 Ave, Langley)
Tickets will be available by donation at the door. In support of MCC BC's End Abuse Programs.
I Love You and It Hurts is a presentation of three short plays that reflect lived experiences of elder abuse, healthy masculinity, and intimate partner violence in youth relationships, with a focus on how to recognize the subtle early signs of abuse. 
This event will be an immersive experience. At the end of each play, the audience will have the opportunity to make suggestions to the actors to change the outcome of the scenes or jump into the scenes themselves.  Using the Forum Theatre model, this interactive element allows audiences to "rehearse for reality," learning skills and resources for how they can make a difference. 
There will also be a performance at Sardis Community Church (45625 S Sumas Rd, Chilliwack) on Monday, October 23 at 7pm in support of the When Love Hurts End Abuse Groups in Chilliwack. 
Content Advisory: I Love You and it Hurts deals with abuse, assault, and has course language. Not recommended for audiences under the age of 13.


Black and white images of miscellaneous items with a title of the play "I Love You and It Hurts"

“Be a friend” - by Jessica Moss
The friendships and relationships we forge in our teens and 20s allow us to define ourselves, and survive in a lonely world: but what if those same relationships are steeped in manipulation, lies, and power dynamics? For three interconnected characters, all caught between who they could be and who they’re seen as, subtle forms of abuse can look like a thrilling new kind of love, or the most treasured, oldest friendship. “Be A Friend” is an honest and nuanced look at how young people connect with each other when everyone has roles to play, personas to create, and their true selves to discover; when getting the relationship you need might mean giving up the relationship you depend on.

“Mother” - by Lindsey Middleton
"Mother" explores the dark and desperate realities of financial elder abuse. When a daughter is confronted with personal and financial ruin, her Mother is her last resort. But what is the cost of love? How do we help those we love going through financial and emotional strain? How do we live with and recover from neglect, manipulation and deceit? Can we? After interviewing numerous members of the elderly community who have experienced or witnessed elder abuse in its numerous forms, “Mother” was conceived.

“The Walkover” - By Cedric Martin
"The Walkover" explores contemporary masculinity in the context of a hockey locker room. The play examines the different roles and identities men assume in these spaces and the impact it has on their relationships and communication with others. The production delves into the masks we wear and the barriers we put up to fit into societal norms of masculinity, while also exploring the need for safe spaces for men to discuss their experiences. As one of the last male-only spaces, what can Healthy Masculinity look like?


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I Love You and It Hurts was developed by Theatre of the Beat, a touring company based out of Ontario, and their community partners Assaulted Women’s Helpline and Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region.

Please visit their website for more information about the artists involved.



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