Halt arms shipments to Israel

Men unloading boxes from the back of a truck.

May 15, 2024  

May 15 represents the 76th anniversary of the Nakba, or catastrophe. In 1948, as many as 750,000 Palestinians were forced to flee from what is now Israel, taking refuge in places like Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria. Action is needed now to stop another catastrophe as the Israeli military begins its attack on the city of Rafah in Gaza where more than one million are sheltering, including 600,000 children. The bombing of Rafah has already begun.

The United States is supporting this ongoing Nakba through diplomatic, economic, and military support for the government of Israel. Since October 7, the Biden Administration has sent over 100 arms shipments to Israel, received approval from Congress for a 26 billion USD supplemental aid package (which includes $9 billion in non-committed humanitarian funds) for the Israeli military, and has vetoed multiple United Nations Security Council ceasefire resolutions. 

The destruction of Gaza, with the support of the Biden Administration, is nothing short of apocalyptic. All universities in Gaza have been destroyed, along with most hospitals, 60% of housing, and nearly 50% of Gaza’s agricultural land. Israel has both targeted humanitarian workers and severely limited the delivery of humanitarian aid into Gaza, especially now that its military has seized the Rafah crossing. Since October, more than 35,000 Palestinians have been killed, 78,000 have been injured, and at least 10,000 are missing under the rubble. At present, experts estimate it will take 14 years and $30-40 billion USD to make Gaza livable again.

Ways you can take action
(1)    Urge your members of Congress and the Biden Administration to halt arms shipments to Israel and push for an immediate and permanent ceasefire (See below)

(2)    Support ongoing nonviolent protests by connecting with organizations such as Mennonite Action 

(3)    Learn more about the ongoing Nakba and MCC’s response: 

(4)    Donate to MCC’s response in Gaza


Photo above: Al-Najd Developmental Forum staff unload emergency food that has just arrived in Gaza for distribution to families in Deir al Balah and surrounding areas. Photo courtesy of Al-Najd Developmental Forum