Canada's toolkit for peace in Gaza

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As we bear witness to the horrors continuing to unfold in Gaza, MCC joins Canadians in mourning the immense loss of life and calling on world leaders, including the Canadian government, to act. Palestinians throughout Gaza are facing famine, repeated displacement and bombings even in areas designated as ‘safe’. 

In the face of these horrific conditions, we continue to hope and work for peace and justice for all Palestinians and Israelis. Our partners in Gaza continue to work tirelessly, distributing food and supplies to families in need, despite significant danger, including the targeting of humanitarian aid workers. 

Through your advocacy, we have seen that the Canadian government can take positive and meaningful actions that support an end to violence. These include calling for a ceasefire, providing increased humanitarian aid funding, and working across party lines to support a motion calling for an end to Canadian weapons sales to Israel. These are significant actions that show us our government’s ability to listen to Canadians and support those most impacted by violence. 

Canada has the tools to do more to address this situation, and now is the time to call on our government to act boldly and take decisive action towards ending this conflict. Some significant tools that Canada can continue to use are: 

  • Diplomacy. Canada can use our diplomatic power to negotiate with other countries and work together to pressure Israel to open borders for humanitarian relief and abide by other international and humanitarian laws. We can also pressure in support of an agreement between Israel and Hamas that includes a permanent ceasefire and a release of hostages. 
  • End weapons transfers to Israel. Canada, like many other countries, has signed the Arms Trade Treaty, which means we are required to ensure that the weapons we produce and export to other countries are not being used in human rights violations. Canada must act to end all weapons exports to Israel, including those approved before the passing of the Parliamentary motion
  • Uphold our commitment to accountability and international law. Canada must continue to respect the decisions made by the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court regarding this conflict, and make sure that our actions and policies abide by international law..
  • Work toward a long term and sustainable solution for peace in Palestine and Israel, including supporting an end to the illegal military occupation and illegal settlements, and supporting conditions that will allow for peace, justice, and human flourishing for all people. 

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Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau

Prime Minister of Canada


Hon. Mélanie Joly

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Hon. Ahmed Hussen

Minister of International Development

Hon. Pierre Poilievre

Leader of the Official Opposition, Conservative Party of Canada

Yves Francois Blanchet

Chef du Bloc Québécois

Jagmeet Singh

Leader of the New Democratic Party

Elizabeth May & Jonathan Pedneault

Leaders of the Green Party of Canada

Rob Oliphant

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs

Anita Vandenbeld

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Development

Hon. Michael Chong

Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Conservative Party of Canada

Garnett Genuis

Shadow Minister for International Development, Conservative Party of Canada

Stéphane Bergeron

Porte-parole en matière d’affaires étrangères, Bloc Québécois

Alexis Brunell Duceppe

Porte-parole pour la Coopération internationale, Bloc Québécois

Heather McPherson

Critic for Foreign Affairs and International Development, New Democratic Party