Celebrate community cooperation

Relief sales and events celebrate community cooperation and generosity. They provide opportunities for friendship, food and fun while raising millions of dollars annually to support MCC’s work!

​​Sales include auctions of quilts, furniture and other items. You can also enjoy fun activities for children, listen to local music or dig into delicious local specialties like Rollkuchen in Saskatchewan, verenika in Kansas or strawberry pie in Pennsylvania. Some sales have fundraising runs, bike rides or other sporting events.

Make a difference by bidding in an auction or buying a slice of pie. You can also look into how to donate an item for auction, help prepare and serve food, or give your time on the day of a sale!

Many relief sales also participate in My Coins Count, a wonderful way to help children understand that they can make a difference in the world. To see project examples and inspiration for giving, check out our Blessing Bid materials.

Give a gift where needed most

Every donation makes a difference.