General impact report - Summer 2023

A person hands another person a 5 gallon bucket.

Syria Mexico — Jul 2023

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Your support is on the ground in Syria helping families rebuild their lives

Three men unloading relief kit buckets and comforters from the back of a truck
MCC partner staff/volunteers hand out MCC relief kits to people devastated by the earthquake in Syria. This was only possible because generous people like you jumped into action. (Photo courtesy of Fellowship of Middle East Evangelical Churches)

It’s now been a few months since the earthquakes rocked Syria and Türkiye. And while the needs remain incredibly high, most of the world’s attention has moved on. But what makes MCC supporters like you so special is that you haven’t stopped caring. Your compassion continues to make a difference for people.

To understand what is going on in Syria, we sat down with Annie Loewen, one of our humanitarian assistance coordinators. Here’s what she had to say.

What is the current situation in Syria?

While the earthquakes happened in February, the destruction is still impacting millions of people in northwest Syria. Even prior to the earthquakes, people were displaced from their homes and in need of emergency food assistance and the earthquakes just amplified that. There are still millions of people living in camps or staying with family and neighbours because their homes were destroyed. Even more people aren’t able to work or find food for their families.

How has MCC been able to respond?

Because of the generosity of our supporters, we were able to respond right away. We’re now working on some longer-term projects. In fact, we’ve just approved a project that will provide food packages, hygiene items and trauma support to 1,600 households in Aleppo, Latakia and Tartous — places that were particularly hard hit. The project will run for nine months with the goal of helping families regain long-term access to food.

What goes into a food package?

The contents are chosen based on feedback from the partners and on previous experience from working with participants in Syria. They include staples like rice, pasta, lentils and canned chicken — things that someone would need to sustain themselves.

Is there anything you would like to say to the people who gave to support this work in Syria?

We are incredibly grateful and humbled by the generosity that donors have shown. The situation in Syria is extremely difficult, but through these donations we’re able to provide people with stable access to food and other essential items when they need it most.

You are ensuring the future of food sustainability in Chiapas, Mexico

A man on his family farm in Chiapas, Mexico
Through your support, Fausto Rodríguez Gómez from Llano Bajo in Chiapas, Mexico, stands proudly on his family farm. (MCC photo/Annalee Giesbrecht)

Fausto Rodríguez Gómez thinks about the future of his land and community often. He knows that unless he learns to adapt to climate change and apply new agricultural practices, his community will struggle. “I work this land with my son, and I hope we will continue to have the strength and vitality to keep doing what we’re doing — because we’re building something new, for our children and the next generation.”

Through your generosity, Fausto benefited from training by MCC partner, Institute of Intercultural Studies and Research (IESII). They have taught him how to develop natural pesticides, grow crops more efficiently and set up greenhouses. People like Fausto learn that it is possible to be autonomous in their own nutrition and food, which puts them in a stronger position in the face of poverty.

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