A place to call home

The heart of Mennonite Central Committee’s work is communities helping communities.

three volunteers from Edmonton Thrift

“Some of my favorite things to say are "just in case I get bored," or " I like to live proactively not reactively" or "why not think big picture?"

Sherry Galan is the manager at Edmonton Thrift and this upcoming year will fulfill each of those quotes.

“The potential and opportunity to grow are immense and so too will be the rewards. I do think big picture and with each task that comes along with this opportunity I'll think of the contributions the store will make to MCC and the lives of so many others. The mission of MCC keeps me motivated, along with my mother’s voice saying, "you won't get anything accomplished by sitting still."

MCC Alberta is so blessed for the community that supports Edmonton Thrift. We are excited to share the new journey that we are embarking on. Edmonton Thrift is moving to a new location that will provide a stable future with a vision of growth. This move will also further the current partnerships we have in Edmonton and provide a place for those who are connected to MCC to call home.

Thrift is an integral part of MCC’s overall mission. Last fiscal year, nearly 38 million dollars was donated by MCC Thrift shops in Canada and the U.S. to support MCC’s international work. Thrift is the second largest source of funds for MCC’s international programming. As MCC looks for ways to engage younger generations, thrift has become an important connection point.

In 2023 MCC Alberta worked with University of Alberta business students to help identify a possible new location for Edmonton Thrift. We were looking for a location with higher traffic, public transportation access and closer to the volunteer base. The new location will be on 51 Ave at 5015, 111 Street, a location that checks off all of those boxes. Renovations will begin in October, and we hope to be in our new home by January 2025. This is an opportunity to increase the visibility of Edmonton Thrift and become the pacesetter for Thrift in Alberta.

This investment has positive ripple effects for MCC Alberta, furthering the relationships we have with partners and churches. The building will act as a place for MCC partners to meet, for MCC Alberta staff in Edmonton to call home, and for connected churches to gather and engage in the work of MCC. It will be a place for MCC Alberta to become even more embedded in the Edmonton Community!

new Edmonton Thrift location
The home of the new Edmonton Thrift shop at 51 Ave at 5015, 111 Street, Edmonton.

As the journey begins, we would be grateful if you would come alongside us and support the expansion and future of Edmonton Thrift. In this year of transition to the new shop we do expect an interruption in sales at the Edmonton store. As we look to fulfil the store's commitment to MCC’s international programming we welcome your financial gifts to support this transition. We also welcome your prayers for the campaign and there will be opportunities to get involved with the move. Help us to reach the world’s most vulnerable people.

“With the great team I am privileged to work with and incredible support I have and all the new skills I'll acquire, it will be an adventure!” says Sherry.

For more information, contact the MCC Alberta office at (403) 275-6935.