MCC at work in the U.S.

From Old Testament exhortations to the words of Christ, the Bible calls us to reach out to strangers, loving and welcoming newcomers.

MCC in the U.S. helps to educate about immigration issues; advocates for sensible, humane immigration laws; works to build peace in communities along the U.S.-Mexico border; and provides documentation services to help immigrants navigate the complex immigration system.

Listen to a six-part webinar series with MCC staff, partners and church leaders around the country who provide insight into the U.S. immigration and border crisis.

Find out more about the 40-hour Basic Immigration Law Training that MCC hosts twice a year in Akron. The course, conducted in partnership with the Immigrant Legal Resource Center (ILRC) and World Relief (WR), touches on all areas of immigration law and practice focusing on topics most relevant to those serving and representing low-income immigrants.

Take part in a seminar on addressing the impact and trauma of migration.

[Learn more about the MCC Borderlands Learning Tours.]

After the trauma of displacement, refugees and asylum seekers arrive in the United States with the hope of finding a safe place for themselves and their children to call home. Local communities have the opportunity to offer these families a soft place to land through community sponsorship.  

Community sponsorship is when a church or group of churches come together to help an asylum seeker or refugee family adjust to life in the United States. This group of welcomers provides help with housing, transportation, connections to community services and, most importantly, friendship, understanding and quality time.  

Through welcoming, congregations can gain a greater sense of community, extend and receive hospitality and develop a deeper understanding of God's love for all people. MCC will provide resources, education and support as congregations welcome a family together.  

To learn more, contact MCC’s Newcomer Connections Coordinator at!

Please fill out this form to indicate your interest in learning about and welcoming refugees and asylum seekers in your community!

Christ’s invitation to live as peacemakers calls the church to embody the ministry of reconciliation that brings about God’s Shalom vision. MCC peace education provides resources and speakers to address a Biblically-rooted peace theology and encourage social justice projects as a response to Jesus’ call to be peacemakers.  

Our peacebuilding focus areas include:

  • Conflict transformation training
  • Peace education for young people
  • Gun violence prevention
  • Working against militarism

Learn more about the adult Sunday school curriculum, Peaceful Practices: A guide to healthy communication in conflict.

In an ever-present dominant culture of violence, hatred and widespread systems of supremacy that determine who is worthy of belonging and who is labeled as “other,” we cannot take lightly the full breadth and responsibility of what it means to choose and embody God’s love in our daily lives.

Our program on racial equity and advocacy provides training and support for constituent groups and churches to identify and resist oppressive systems of racism and colonization as well as to advocate for an end to mass incarceration. Groups can learn about historic patterns of injustice and its prevailing legacies and promote healing within organizations, communities and homes.

Through training initiatives and resources, we seek to be transformed and reconciled through Christ.

Our racial justice focus areas include:

  • The Doctrine of Discovery education
  • Mass Incarceration education

Learn more about our adult Sunday School curriculum, Embracing Beloved Community.

In order to do our work of relief, development and peace, it’s important that MCC addresses policies that contribute to poverty and injustice. Advocacy is how we do that.

Some of our advocacy work includes:

  • Analyzing policies from an Anabaptist perspective
  • Meeting with legislators and diplomats
  • Petitions and letter-writing campaigns
  • Praying for government officials

Visit our Advocacy page to learn more.

U.S. stories

Stories bring our work to life. These featured stories highlight partners and communities that inspire, inform and drive meaningful change across the U.S. and around the globe.

Lean in and read personal accounts of resilience and hope.

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