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Local partners. Lasting impact.

MCC builds strong relationships with local communities, partners and churches. Their needs guide our priorities.

We empower our partners to meet local needs and build peace, knowing their insight and leadership are key to effective solutions that last. 

Group of girls at an MCC Peace Club
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Peace: Part of everything we do

As an Anabaptist organization, we strive to make peace part of everything we do.

We work to distribute resources in ways that are equitable, meeting needs and building peace.

In our advocacy work, we pursue policies that foster a more peaceful world.

Euphrasie Minzambi, 38, worships at CEFMC Kimpwanza Kikongophone parish in Kikwit.

MCC and the church

MCC works hand in hand with Anabaptist churches in Canada and the U.S., and serves as a bridge to church partners around the globe.

A woman speaking to another woman

Advocating for change

Advocacy is key to MCC’s relief, development and peacebuilding work — it’s how we address the systems and policies that perpetuate poverty and injustice around the world.

MCC has advocacy offices in Ottawa, Washington and at the United Nations in New York.

A volunteer stocking books at an MCC thrift shop

MCC Thrift: Shop with purpose

As a network of over 85 shops, MCC Thrift raises millions of dollars each year for MCC projects around the world.

When you donate, shop or volunteer, your journey goes beyond transactions — every treasure with a history helps create a more hopeful future.

Give a gift where needed most

Every donation makes a difference.