Indigenous Neighbours

In Canada, MCC’s Indigenous Neighbours programs strives to build respectful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people.

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Walking in friendship and solidarity

In Canada, MCC has sought to walk in friendship and solidarity with Indigenous neighbors for nearly 50 years. Our Indigenous Neighbours program listens to the voices of Indigenous people and communities wherever we work. We rely on their knowledge and experience. Because no two relationships look the same, the program has a unique shape in each province.

Here’s a small sample of the themes that shape our work and relationships:

  • Indian residential schools
  • Resilience and trauma (the impacts of generational trauma)
  • Responding to the TRC Calls to Action
  • Treaties and unceded territories
  • Land and resource extraction
  • Water access and food security
  • Education and constituency engagement

In all programs we partner with Indigenous people, relying on their knowledge to guide our work.

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British Columbia - Indigenous Neighbours

The BC Indigenous Neighbours program walks alongside churches and local Indigenous communities interested in starting down a path of reconciliation. 

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Alberta - Indigenous Neighbours

Alberta’s Indigenous Neighbours program seeks to respond to the 94 Calls to Action put out by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Our mandate is simple: educate ourselves, foster relationships and show up when invited. 

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Saskatchewan - Indigenous Neighbours

The Indigenous Neighbours program in Saskatchewan is focused on changing long-term social relationships within the province so that settlers live as good neighbors with Indigenous peoples, as envisioned by the Treaties. 

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Manitoba - Indigenous Neighbours

The Indigenous Neighbours program in Manitoba works with groups and congregations to encourage relationships and address issues of social and economic justice. 

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Ontario - Indigenous Neighbours

Across Ontario, the Indigenous Neighbours program facilitates reconciliation through relationship, art and advocacy. 

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Atlantic Canada - Indigenous Neighbours

The Indigenous Neighbours program in the Maritimes helps create space for reconciliation. We do this through collaborating with Indigenous partners and educating non-Indigenous people about our common history as well as Treaty rights and responsibilities.

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