Join a small group of young adults for six months of Christian discipleship to learn more deeply about what it means to Anabaptist follower of Jesus in a complicated world.

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What is Seek?

Seek to grow. Seek to love. Seek the heart of Christ.  

Seek is Christian discipleship program for you to explore, engage, and reflect more deeply on what it means to be an Anabaptist follower of Jesus in a complicated world.

During Seek, you will grow by living in community and digging deep into the word of God with a small group of young adult Christians from around the world, while exploring the richness of the culture and people of a new country.

You will demonstrate the love of Christ by taking part in the inspiring work of local organizations, being invited to share your skills in meaningful ways to help meet local needs.

Throughout it all, you will become more aware of your Christian identity and purpose as you Seek the heart of Christ. 

Frequently asked questions

We hope so! Seek participants must be:

  • Between 18 and 20 years of age
  • Able to communicate well in English to engage with the Seek curriculum and other learning activities
  • Unmarried with no dependents
  • Dedicated to nonviolent peacemaking
  • Committed to a personal Christian faith
  • Actively participating in a Christian community or church

An invitation to participate in Seek may also require the successful completion of a criminal background check.

Due to local legislation, Cambodian nationals are not eligible and encouraged to explore other MCC opportunities for young adults.

Seek is a six-month program, with a new cohort beginning each January and ending in June.

The 2025 Seek cohort will be from January 20th, 2025 – June 24th, 2025.

You will be based in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, living communally with a small group of other young adults under the supervision of MCC staff. You will also have opportunities to travel throughout the country to explore the diversity of the people, places, and culture more deeply.

Nothing! There is no fee to participate and MCC provides for all your assignment-related costs, including:

  • International travel to/from your permanent residence
  • In-country orientation, MCC team meetings, and end-of-term retreat
  • Food and hygiene costs
  • Housing
  • Full medical coverage (no co-pay)
  • Vacation days
  • Educational loan assistance, if applicable
  • End-of-term benefits

You will also receive a small monthly stipend for personal items (i.e., clothing, vacation costs, souvenirs, etc.) and a modest worker care allowance to help you engage in renewing activities.

Seek participants must cover all costs related to completing preparation costs such as applying for a passport, required pre-service medical exam, vaccinations, visa application expenses, etc.

Under the daily guidance of Seek Facilitator(s), you will engage in activities to grow in your personal faith. Your days will be filled with personal devotions, journaling, corporate worship, guided Bible study, presentations, service opportunities, and rich conversation. You will also get to travel around the country, experience the local culture, and learn some of the language!

In most cases, Seek can be used to fulfill an internship or practicum requirement of a post-secondary degree. Just make sure you discuss this with us during the application process to ensure we can meet the specific requirements of your educational institution.

Amazing! Get started by going to the “Seek Discipleship Program – Cambodia 2025” vacancy and click “Apply” to begin the online application process. We will then reach out to guide you through the process.

With only a handful of spots available each year, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible so you don’t miss out!

For more information about policies and procedures specific to Seek, download the complete Seek policies document.

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