Transformation Tuesdays

MCC Saskatchewan is hosting a monthly free learning series called Transformation Tuesdays. This is an opportunity for you to learn about and practice practical life changing skills. Join us for the next session, Training Active Bystanders (TAB).

Tuesday, February 27
7:00 - 9:00PM CST

MCC Centre
600 45 St W
Saskatoon SK S7L 5W9

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Transformation Tuesdays: Peace Practices For Everyday Life Transformation Tuesdays: Peace Practices For Everyday Life

Training Active Bystanders 


Join Training Active Bystanders (TAB) to gain the ability to intervene in cases of discrimination and encourage positive reactions from those around you. Discover how to responsibly intervene without resorting to aggression and learn techniques to assist individuals in need while avoiding complicity through inaction.

TAB empowers you to understand your role as a bystander, evaluate situations, and comprehend their effects on everyone involved. Gain the skills needed to overcome obstacles and promote a culture of active bystandership, showcasing courage through your actions.

Join us to gain the tools necessary to take constructive action when faced with unfair, unjust, or troubling situations. Explore more about TAB here and here.


Please register ahead of time so we can prepare for our time together.


Refreshments and snacks will be provided. 

Bring a friend or family! 

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