Church-based immigration legal services

In this webinar, we'll explore one very tangible way to express love for newcomers - by providing affordable, trustworthy and competent Immigrant Legal Services. Churches and their volunteers and/or staff can receive credentialing from the federal Department of Justice (DOJ) and lawfully provide legal advice and assistance with immigration forms. This is known as the recognition and accreditation process (R&A). An individual does not have to be an attorney in order to practice immigration law. The Federal Government, through the Department of Justice (DOJ) allows accredited, non-lawyers associated with non-profit organizations to practice immigrant law upon DOJ approval.

This webinar will answer questions such as: What are the requirements to become recognized by the Department of Justice? How can my church set up an Immigrant Legal Services program?

In collaboration with our partners from World Relief, we'll explore these questions and provide tools that will help you and your congregation explore the possibilities.