Community Gardening Kits

Five people work on digging a garden
An illustration of silhouettes of people. Text on the screen reads, "The coast of available food is a serious issue for Indigenous neighbours in northern Ontario.

According to a 2016 study by Food Secure Canada, the average cost of groceries for a family of four in Attawapiskat was a whopping $1,909 per month. Compare that with the Waterloo Region average of $861.80 per month.

Rooted firmly in our relationship to the land, MCC Ontario is participating with nine First Nation communities across Northern Ontario wanting to grow gardeners. Join MCC as we raise the necessary funds to transport Community Gardening Kits to support Indigenous Food Sovereignty.

An illustration of garden tools. Text on the screen reads, "Sponsor a community gardening kit"
A woman kneeling in front of a garden. She is holding cherry tomatoes. A woman kneeling in front of a garden. She is holding cherry tomatoes.'s more about relationship, and...relationship with one's body through eating whole, fresh foods and getting great exercise; relationship with the land, the soil and what grows; relationship with children and families who learn and help to grow food; relationship with those who share food with us."

Patty Everson

Nurse Manager, Home and Community Program, Windigo First Nations Council

Gardening Kits 2020

First Nations communities across Onta keep reading...
First Nations communities across Ontario are working with MCC to build sustainable gardens and provide for their families. Learn more about where these communities are and how you can help.