This Christmas, countless children and families are caught in conflict around the world. Some of their stories are making the news. Others aren’t.  

We have a way to respond.  

It’s how we, together with faithful people like you have always responded: by being the hands and feet of Jesus for our global neighbours experiencing pain and suffering.  

We need your help to get things like food, water, medicine and blankets to people sheltering in Gaza.  

We need you with us in Ukraine, where families are bracing for a brutal winter of power outages, drones and missiles.  

We need you with us in Ethiopia, where civil conflict has forced millions of people to flee to the desert, far away from basic necessities.

… And that’s just to name a few.  

Let’s stand together in this time of crisis. Let’s show our support for peace and justice.  

Together, we can bring the peace of Christ to these families — one meal, one warm bed or one shelter at a time. 

Yes! I want to help families living in war zones today.

Provide emergency assistance where it’s needed most