2022/2023 Annual Impact Report - British Columbia

Thank you from MCC British Columbia's executive director

Highlights from MCC British Columbia

Supporting Ukrainians in BC

This year, your gifts extended a helping hand to 81 individuals fleeing from Ukraine to British Columbia. Many of those families − like Marko and Anna's* family − had to leave in the middle of the night, crossing rivers and borders with only what they could carry on their backs. They prayed God would help them survive that night.

Arriving with limited English and few personal belongings, Marko and Anna felt overwhelmed as they were forced to start over. What would their life look like in Canada without the rest of their family?
They needed to find housing and transportation, but did not have the social network and language needed to navigate Canadian systems.

Thankfully, they reached out to MCC BC. Ukrainian Settlement Assistant, Stacy Dantsev, helped them set up their new home and connected them with community resources.

Marko shares their heartfelt appreciation:

"I am thankful that God, through your organization, helped many Ukrainians like me— people in need of support during this initial phase. It's truly significant, even touching, that you accepted us, drove with us, and provided us with answers to our questions.

Most importantly, you offered us a free place to live when we had no idea how we would afford it initially. This assistance is monumental for Ukrainians. May God bless you abundantly, enabling you to continue helping many more individuals like us."

With your help, Marko and his family are receiving the guidance, support and community they need to resettle and regain hope.

*The names of people pictured have been adapted for their security.

Jeff and Sara's story

One night after a heated argument, Jeff* threw Sara* out of the house and called the police. But when the police arrived and assessed the situation, they took Jeff to jail overnight instead and set up a no-contact order.

A Crown Counsel lawyer then referred the couple to MCC BC's End Abuse men's and women's support groups.

After over a year and a half in End Abuse groups, Jeff and Sara saw breakthroughs in their marriage of over 35 years.

Before joining, each time Sara had dressed up to go out, Jeff would mock her, “It looks like you are going on a hot date. Who are you going to meet?” On the final night of the women's support group, Jeff commented as she was leaving, "You look beautiful."

Without your help, couples like Sara and Jeff couldn't access the support groups they need to heal and learn how to build a healthy relationship.

*The names of participants have been adapted to protect their privacy.

Stó:lō gifting ceremony

Among the most highly-valued fruit of MCC’s Indigenous Neighbours Program are the relationships with local Indigenous leaders that continue to influence our reconciliation journey, for both our staff and our community. Over the years of dialogue and connection, we are learning and growing together.

At one point in that journey, MCC BC wrote an apology to our local First Nations in response to the findings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and presented it at our 2017 AGM. Hearing the apology, Métis artist Bryan Stephenson was moved to create an extraordinary gift of art
in response. His masterpiece, infused with cultural symbolism, represents Mennonite history and the work of MCC in BC and around the world.

To acknowledge and receive his gift, a traditional Stó:lō gifting ceremony was recently held in our atrium, bringing together attendees from Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities. The event served as a powerful reminder of the importance of our commitment to grow in reconciliation together and to open our hearts to listen to others.

As we reflect on our progress, we humbly acknowledge the need for further growth in both learning from Indigenous communities and also in amplifying their voices to create lasting change. Thank you for joining us on this journey toward a more just and reconciled world.

Changing lives in BC and around the world

Thrift Shops in BC had a record-breaking year! $2,888,142 in net sales is changing even more lives here in BC and around the world!

MCC Thrift Shops are celebrating 50 years of supporting life-changing projects around the world, providing food, water, education and more. And we couldn't have done it without the passion and commitment of thrift staff and volunteers.

Ursula is one of the thrift volunteers making this work possible. A volunteer for over 15 years, she initially hesitated to enter a secondhand store, but has since dedicated herself to various roles, including bookkeeping. Located in Surrey's high-need Whalley neighbourhood, the shop she provides a safe space for those facing homelessness, addiction, and mental health challenges. Ursula has learned to replace judgment with respect towards customers in difficult situations. Her faith has grown through serving in this shop, feeling God's protection and love.

We are grateful for each of the remarkable volunteers, staff and donors across British Columbia who support MCC's impactful work, funding life-changing projects globally and locally. Their compassion transforms lives within their communities and beyond, providing vital resources such as meals in places with starvation, clean water where no well has existed, and classrooms where kids would otherwise drop out of school. They are making an immeasurable difference – we are deeply thankful for their faithful commitment to this important work.

Norm before and after his clean shave

Having fun raising funds

3 communities receiving clean water thanks to Norm's no-shave fundraiser

"Water is life and we take it for granted. So I decided I would use my beard to raise money for clean water and wells." - Norm Neufeld

Clean water for a clean shave

What started as a simple idea − growing a beard − became a lifechanging endeavor. Meet enthusiastic MCC supporter, Norm (Norbert) Neufeld, who embarked on creating a "Clean Water for a Clean Shave" fundraiser.

Norm had set a goal of $10,400 for 2 communities to have clean water. He was amazed by God's faithfulness in raising over $17,381 − enough for 3 communities!

After two years of beard growth, an idea sparked: why not leverage this unique journey to raise funds for clean water and wells? The goal was set, and the journey began as he continued to grow his beard a third year.

Despite initial reservations, Norm saw an outpouring of support from family, friends and even unexpected donors. Halfway through the campaign a surge of donations brought tears of joy, reaffirming the importance of clean water in the lives of many.

"A challenging part was having the beard while still sometimes wearing my police uniform," he shares, as his facial hair did not meet regulations for uniformed officers. "Having said that, the Vancouver Police Executives were very supportive of the cause of clean water."

To those considering a fundraiser, the no-longer-bearded Norm advises: "Be creative and have fun. Do something that people will talk about…keep others engaged in the purpose. And most importantly, trust God."

Photo caption: Norm Neufeld before and after shaving for the fundraiser.
(Photo courtesy of Norm Neufeld)

Financial highlights

We are immensely thankful for the generosity of MCC supporters this year and their commitment to meeting basic needs in the name of Christ.

As events returned to pre-pandemic normalcy, we were pleased to have return to strong revenues from the Festival for World Relief and Thrift. We are also grateful for the generosity of MCC donors, including $2 million from bequests and $1.9 million for the crisis in Ukrainian and earthquake in Syria.

One very unusual donation this year was a $229 million “legacy gift” of property that is now being managed by HyLand Properties (formerly known as MCC Legacy Trust). This donation is similar to an endowment, with the goal of
maintaining the value while also making annual donations to support the work of MCC. This type of donation is one more way to address the overwhelming needs around the world.

Your generosity enables MCC to share God's love and compassion for uprooted and vulnerable within our local communities and across more than 45 countries worldwide. Thank you.


Total expenses
$ 10,350,582
International Program
Local Program
Ten Thousand Villages/
Common Place Cafe
International Disasters
Fundraising & Communications
Material Resources
Finance & Administration
Local Disasters
A pie chart of MCC BC expenses


Total revenue
Thrift Stores (Net)
Contributions (Disasters)
Ten Thousand Villages/
Common Place Cafe
Local Program
Relief Festivals (Gross)
Material Resources

Note: In addition to the amounts shown in the visual above, MCC B.C. also received a $229 million donation of revenue generating properties that will be managed by HyLand Properties, similar to an endowment.

A pie chart of MCC BC revenue

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