Photo by Kathryn Deckert

IVEPers at mid-year conference, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, February 2018


I’m currently waiting at the airport for a flight that has now been delayed several times. On the way here, my train to the airport was delayed, my boarding pass, which I electronically registered for, didn’t appear in my phone’s inbox and my bursting to the seams carry-on bag was chosen for the random inspection. By the time I made it to the flight board and saw that after all of this I would not be leaving on time I felt like the world was against me. All these disastrous emotions are welling up inside of me, and while I feel all of it I know that this is all just a sequence of coincidences and at the end of the day the world won’t end, even if my flight is ultimately canceled. Traveling alone, I think, makes the emotions a bit heavier.


I can’t help but think of the much longer much more in-depth journey that each of you have been on this year. Whether you are a host, partner or IVEP participant I’m sure there have been days where you too have felt like everything that could go wrong has gone wrong. And yet, I am so cognizant  of how much I would be missing if I had never signed up for the journey. Who doesn’t benefit from having a travelling tale or two to share with friends.


Blessing to each one of you as you face each day as it comes. I already feel better about my current situation. Sharing the challenges with others really does lighten the load.


Blessings on the journey,


Kathryn Deckert