Sarah Mullican
MCC photo/Krista Dutt

Sarah Mullican operates a water pump as part of the MCC activities at the Memorial Holiness Camp gathering of Brethren In Christ churches. 

Each summer, families from Brethren in Christ (BIC) congregations across the Great Lakes region gather at Ludlow Falls Campground in Ohio for the annual Memorial Holiness Camp. It’s a week filled with prayer groups, Bible studies, workshops, crafts and lots of fellowship time.

Krista Dutt, MCC Great Lakes Chicago Program Coordinator, has been involved with leading children’s activities for preschoolers through fifth graders during this event for the past two years. Last year the children got their passports stamped as they “traveled” around the world learning about the children who live in some of the countries where MCC works.  

This year Dutt focused on the importance of clean water and how MCC helps people around the world get access to water to keep them, their families and their plants and animals healthy. “Throughout the camp experience, the teachers were trying to showcase how making sure people have clean water to access is one way to love our neighbor,” said Dutt.

A small homemade pump helped children learn about how wells give people access to clean water.MCC photo/Krista Dutt

The children enjoyed a wide variety of water and food related activities, including figuring out how much water it takes to grow different foods. They discovered how flour is made and then made snickerdoodles. While hearing about how MCC works with BIC churches in India, the children made curry packets.

The children had fun learning how a water pump works first-hand with a working model. “The older kids were challenged to fill a cup from the water pump, walk across camp and then dump the cup into their ‘home’ water supply - a 2-gallon bucket,” explained Dutt. “The kids did a great job of realizing that having to do this daily would be very hard, and it is important to help more people get better access to clean water.”

At the end of the camp, the children performed a “rainstorm” for the adults using snapping, clapping and stomping.

(From left to right) Tomorrow Deyhle, Lillyana Knapp, Truth Deyhle, Molly Mullican, Josh Hitson and Sarah Mullican perform a "rainstorm" as part of their focus on MCC water projects. MCC photo/Krista Dutt

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