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The United States Capitol building

Election 2016

After months of polls, debates, campaign ads, mudslinging and divisive rhetoric, the election is almost here.

While almost all of the media's attention has been on the presidential race, decisions made at the local and state levels also have a big impact on people’s lives.

As Christians, it is more important than ever that we commit ourselves to loving our neighbors, including those with whom we disagree. As we vote and in the days to follow, let us pray for understanding, the grace to listen and the courage to speak out for justice.

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Upcoming events

November 15: Interfaith Immigration Coalition webinar on U.S. refugee resettlement funding

November 17: Webinar on relating to Jewish neighbors while working for justice in Palestine

January 27, 2017: Deadline for our annual high school essay contest. Topics this year include gun violence, immigration, and Colombia.

April 21-24: Mark your calendar for next year's Ecumenical Advocacy Days conference in Washington, DC. Join us to explore the theme, "Confronting Chaos, Forging Community."

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Action alerts

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Did God give the land to Israel? Is biblical Israel the same as the modern-day state of Israel? These questions and more are addressed in a new resource from MCC on Palestine and Israel.

Staff updates

On October 19, we hosted 10 staff from MCC offices throughout the U.S. The group met with 18 congressional offices to talk about U.S. policy on Palestine and Israel.

Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach spoke in the "Peacebuilding and Public Policymaking" class at Eastern Mennonite University on October 21.

Joshua Russell met with MCC East Coast's Native American Learning Tour when they visited Washington, DC on November 3.

On November 6, Charissa and Rachelle presented a workshop at the "Women Doing Theology Conference" sponsored by Mennonite Church USA in Leesburg, Va.