Every day – in many countries around the world – MCC is assisting people who need everything from food and shelter to help recovering from the trauma of conflict and displacement. Through our partnerships with local organizations, we provide support in a variety of ways. Below are just three examples of our work.

Due to the situation of violence and uncertainty in Colombia, many families have been forced to leave their homes and relocate to more stable areas. MCC provides support for 250 families displaced from their rural farming homes to central urban areas in Ibagué and Bogotá​. Families receive cash vouchers to help them purchase essential food and household items. MCC photo/Silas Crews

In April 2014, refugees fleeing from fighting in the Central African Republic waited to register at the International Organization for Migration in Moundou, Chad. MCC provided food and mosquito nettings for children, unaccompanied sick people and the elderly. MCC photo/Alexander Hurst

Villagers from Jekulo, Indonesia, talked about the fear and difficulty they experienced during a month-long flood in January and February 2014. A 10-member team, supported by MCC, visited the village after flooding. Nine people trained in acupressure, along with a doctor and a pharmacist, worked with 250 people over the two-day visit. Pastor Resnu Titik Legowo (white T-shirt) is leader of the church in Jekulo. MCC photo/Silas Crews

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