A photo of Ann Graber Hershberger sitting near a garden
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Ann Graber-Hershberger, September 2020, MCC U.S., Akron, Pennsylvania.

“He also said, ‘The kingdom of God is as if someone would scatter seed on the ground, and would sleep and rise night and day, and the seed would sprout and grow.’”

(Mark 4:26-27 NRSV)

In so many places throughout the work of MCC, as a ministry of Anabaptist churches, we see the truth of this parable.

You scatter seeds of the kingdom when you shop or volunteer at an MCC Thrift shop; when you create a work of quilted beauty for a relief sale or buy one there; when you offer regular donations, prayers for MCC or support for young people serving through MCC.

In this issue, we read how sowing seeds of education can lead to growth in peace,
confidence and even health. I loved seeing how Zachary Lomongin planted a seed by insisting that his daughter Monica Nachapio go to school. Now she has her own business and helps others through a nonprofit. An older woman took in Daniel Ameny, a refugee child, so he could go to school. Now he leads a partner organization running a school for hundreds of children.

And I hope you delight in the story about Mary Ilero and her pig named Friend.
When I was 10, my father gave me a pig. When the first litter sold, I paid back the cost of the pig and her food. Year after year, pig profits added up in a school fund, which went a long way toward paying for my college education and enabling me to serve others in health care.

And, as a university student serving on summer staff at a church camp, I brought a runt pig that Dad offered as one solution to try to deal with the amount of food that campers wasted. Petunia raised quite a number of litters that not only took care of the compost challenge but also supported the purchase of canoes and other needed items.

Seeds grow and multiply! Thank you for all that you are doing to scatter seeds of the kingdom through the work of MCC. May God continue to bring forth the harvest!

Ann Graber Hershberger

MCC U.S. Executive Director

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