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Norm and Sharon Ewert use their hobby as Doll house Flippers to help support MCC. See how they recycle and find purpose for old matierials and create something unique and handcrafted.

If you walk into Norm and Sharon Ewert’s basement in Wheaton, Illinois, you might think you stumbled into a dollhouse factory. At any one time, there are 20 to 30 wooden dollhouses in various stages of the rebuilding process. How did these two retired professors turn into “dollhouse flippers” to benefit MCC?

We asked Norm and Sharon why they use their hobby to support MCC.

“We could just write a check, and that would be one way to help MCC and maybe a more efficient way to help MCC.  But by making the dollhouses we can get other people involved in the project and get them interested in helping as well,” says Sharon.

Each secondhand dollhouse is uniquely renovated by creatively using scrap materials and found objects that are the right scale for the size of the house. 

The dollhouses are sold at auction sold at auction at relief sales that raise money for MCC’s relief, development and peace work around the world.