Samuel Narath and Darla Eagy
Photo provided by Care & Share Gift & Thrift Shop

Samuel Narath and Darla Eagy stand next to the piano that Eagy purchased as a gift for Narath after hearing him play it in the Care & Share Gift & Thrift Shop in Archbold, Ohio.

Rachel Sauder is the Home Store Manager and Volunteer Coordinator at Care & Share Gift & Thrift Shop in Archbold, Ohio. She originally shared this story in the thrift shop's newsletter.


Darla Eagy is a regular customer who was in the store at Christmas time and heard a young man play one of the pianos we had. The music was wonderful, and he played with no music like no one else was in the room listening!

She heard his parents tell him they could not afford to buy the piano for him. After Christmas, Darla came in to ask me if I knew who that young man was. She had decided that she wanted to buy the piano and give it to him. I had not been working that day so I told her I would ask around.

One day one of my volunteers said, "There is the mother of the boy who played." I knew her and asked if it would be okay if I could set up a meeting with another customer who was interested in buying the piano for her son.

She said yes, and on March 27, they all came into the store and met. The boy's name is Samuel Narath, and he was a senior at Archbold High School. At everyone's request he played for close to an hour, song after song, with no music. Samuel also knows how to play many other instruments and shares his gift of music with his church.

A lot of pictures were taken and everyone present knew that the piano was a gift well given. Darla said she knew that she was in the store at the right time to hear Samuel play before Christmas and was so happy to be able to give the piano to such a gifted and appreciative person.

She said, "Some things are just meant to be!" It is humbling to be in the store and to be able to witness how God is working in our customers' lives.

These are just a few of the stories and experiences we get to see, hear and be a part of at Care & Share. Over 42 years now, God has been and will continue to be at work here. That is why I love coming to work and being just a small part of this work!


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