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Consider organizing a peace walk in your community to bring attention to places where people have been killed with guns. The people in this group walked all or some portion of 35 miles through five police districts in Chicago that experienced the most gun deaths in 2016. The group met with six peacebuilding organizations and five churches. They also stopped at six places where people were killed, heard three survivors' stories and went to church along the route on Sunday morning.

  1. Let’s talk about it. “A loaded conversation: an invitation to talk about guns,” is a new conversation guide that will help people talk together and listen to each other as they discuss different perspectives of violence related to guns.  
  2. Preach it.  Included in the guide, "A loaded conversation: an invitation to talk about guns," are theological resources that can be useful for church leaders of all theological perspectives as they prepare to preach about violence related to guns. Worship resources are also included.
  3. Organize a peace walk. You can organize a pilgrim walk in your city to celebrate life, pray and draw attention to places where gun violence has affected your community. Read about a peace walk that was done in Chicago. For tips on organizing a walk, email

    Learn more about why it's important for people of faith to come to the table and to discuss guns together.

  4. Guns to garden tools. MCC U.S. is partnering with RAWtools to offer peacemaker events – worship services that include song, story, scripture and art, addressing the ways violence related to guns has affected your local community. A gun is forged into a garden tool on site. Read more about the program at
  5. Address policy. If you are looking for action steps and information around changing policy, check out this guide to preventing violence involving guns:
  6. No guns at church? MCC has declared its properties to be gun-free zones. Consider doing the same and posting signs around your church property.
  7. What else? We strongly encourage you to find and support local initiatives that work against gun violence. Look on page 8 in "A loaded conversation: an invitation to talk about guns," for more ideas. You may also contact Jes Stoltzfus Buller, MCC U.S.’s peace education coordinator by email,, or by phone, 574-534-4133.