Fellowship of Middle East Evangelical Churches

With increased fighting in Aleppo, many internally displaced people are living in warehouses in West Aleppo. 

Please join us in prayer for the people of Aleppo, Syria, this week as the number of missiles and bombs has continued to increase.

On Sunday, Rev. Ibrahim Nsier, our long-term partner with the Fellowship of Middle East Evangelical Churches, phoned Naomi Enns, one of our representatives for Syria and Lebanon, based in Beirut. As they spoke, he heard the sounds of the ongoing war.

Rev. Nsier asked us to pray for Aleppo and his country: “Please pray for us as a community, and pray for the peace of the country of Syria, please pray that this Christmas will bring joy to the people, pray that we experience what does it mean to be a hope in this most dangerous city of the world.”

Photo courtesy of of Rev. Ibrahim Nsier

Thousands are streaming into western Aleppo looking for shelter and care. The churches and community are trying to find ways to meet the needs amidst daily threat to their own lives. The church is distributing food and hygiene supplies and MCC is supporting their work with cash allowances. We are also preparing with another partner to deliver emergency food.

In addition to the relief supplies, prayer is an encouragement for our partners living and working in the midst of the conflict. “Knowing that people in the West are hearing the call for solidarity in prayer is helpful to keep strong in the midst of unbearable pain,” says Enns.

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