photo courtesy of Heidi Martens

Sumanta at his IVEP Placement

An early comment from IVEPer Sumanta Mandi was, “You have a machine for everything!” It was an eye-opening observation from someone coming from a small town in West Bengal, India, to an even smaller town in Lanigan, Saskatchewan. Just a few months ago we welcomed him to the Gift & Thrift and introduced him to our North American lifestyle of our consumer culture and our role as a thrift shop. We really do have a machine for everything, from coffee makers to juicers, belt sanders to seat warmers and after seven months in our receiving department Sumanta has seen them all!

Sumanta has taken on the role of Shop Assistant in our Community Gift & Thrift Store and has quickly become an essential team member. His role at the thrift shop is to greet donors at the back door, sort and price donations and help with shop maintenance. He has been an independent worker and never balks at a task (and there are some unpleasant challenges when dealing with secondhand goods).

With less than three months to go in his term, Sumanta will be greatly missed. He has broadened our reach past our small Saskatchewan doors to across the world and we hope he leaves with a greater understanding of the work of MCC. He has now seen firsthand that something as small as purchase of a used coffee mug goes toward supporting the work of MCC.