Photo courtesy of Nataša Gudalo

Nataša Gudalo at Shenandoah National Park

I feel so happy to participate in this program and meet all these people from different countries and their cultures. I am surrounded by people with different languages, accents and styles of clothing. It’s not hard to deal with, it’s just different. It helps me to see things that I usually would not be able to see if I was not part of this program. It shows me that the world is much bigger than my country – I already know that of course, but it is different when I really see that through all the people I meet here - people in the U.S. and my IVEPer friends. This is something that will widen my point of view and make me more tolerant in relationships with people. I am truly blessed with such a rare opportunity.

I am honored to share my work abilities with Park View Federal Credit Union, and also gain more experience while working here. This will be very useful for me when I get back to my country, in relation to my field.

And the most important thing to say, I am living with a wonderful host family. They respect me and take care of me in so many ways. I met other people too who are so helpful and nice to me. By the end of this program I will be rich with so many new amazing people in my life. God just blessed me on each step of my journey.

I would like to add that I really love sunsets here and so many different colors of the sky. I am enjoying taking photos of the wonderful nature here. Even though sometimes it is hard to be far away from my family, I am happy I can spend this time in such a cute city of Harrisonburg, in wonderful Virginia. I am happy to serve here and give my contribution in my placement.

Nataša Gudalo from Bosnia and Herzegovina – Park View Federal Credit Union, Harrisonburg, Virginia, U.S.

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