(L to R) Frances Ringenberg holding cat, Flannery, Rufaro Manyureni from Zimbabwe holding cat Bruno with Ron Ringenberg.
IVEP Host Insight: A treasure and a hope January 18, 2022
IVEPer Hyojae Kwak from South Korea standing in front of her students in pre-K classroom at Della Lamb Early Education Program.
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East Coast and Central States IVEPers canoeing together
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Two hands cup a small lit candle amid darkness. A faint moon shines above the hands.
Advent 2021: Hope is strong and audacious December 23, 2021
Defending hope in the midst of oppression December 20, 2021
A photo of the author Nindyo Sasongko
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A photo of the author Chris Rice, director of the MCC United Nations Office
Without peace there is no change December 20, 2021