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Mahnaz Heidarpour, a lecturer at Qom’s Jami’at al-Zahra, the world’s largest Shia Muslim women’s seminary
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Pastor Jesusa Garba and other Filipino pastors take a break from their intense emotional sharing about Typhoon Haiyan to play a group game together.
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In Damascus, a woman accepts a box of food supplied by MCC through its partner, the Syrian Orthodox Church. People in the photo are not identified for security reasons. (Photo courtesy of the Syrian Orthodox Church) (Photo courtesy of the Syrian Orthodox Church)
Funds, Syria peace talks raise hope January 16, 2014
Haitian workers build a new reservoir to hold water from one of the three mountain springs that provides water to the town of Desarmes. Water from the reservoir will flow into pipes that will deliver reliable, drinkable water to households and public kiosks in the area. (MCC Photo/Josh Steckley)
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auto mechanics class
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