woman and man standing outside
MCC Connections lives up to its name through Bill & Edna Ressler October 27, 2021
table full of food
SWAP builds connections through food September 28, 2021
Crying out for justice September 24, 2021
young woman
Winning speech urges compassion and respect for all species September 23, 2021
Two young women wearing hair nets in a warehouse
Growing a passion for social justice through Summer Service August 2, 2021
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Breaking stereotypes one quilt at a time June 28, 2021
Creating safe spaces and circles of support June 3, 2021
Police reform and racial justice by Mackenzie Mast (Excerpts) April 29, 2021
Side by side school headshots of a young woman in a black and white top and a young man in a red plaid shirt with a black vest both smiling and looking into the camera. Against a gray background.
Contest winners address police reform and racial justice April 29, 2021
Kay and Dale Kempf
Giving is a ‘sacred opportunity’ April 13, 2021
Nurses' Home
History unveiled in Appalachia March 25, 2021
Alumni & Friends Virtual Gathering with Andrew & Katie Geddert March 11, 2021
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