Find alternatives to coca in Colombia
Finding alternatives to coca in Colombia January 1, 2014
Leonel Elias, a Seeder from Mexico, lived in La Palma, Colombia, where he shared his knowledge of gardening and became friends with many in the rural community.
MCC’s Seed program expands into Bolivia August 30, 2013
Seed: Service, reflection, peacebuilding April 10, 2013
Carmen Dorila Martínez
Telling the Colombian Anabaptist story April 9, 2013
reuniting families
Reuniting families in Canada January 1, 2013
Pastor Jose Rutilio Rivas Dominguez, regional president of the Mennonite Brethren churches in Chocó.
Colombian church gathers children under its wings May 2, 2012
Colombia’s floods require innovative approaches August 10, 2011
A table of sharing - annual video June 12, 2011
Members of sister churches Stirling Mennonite, Kitchener, Ont., and Villas de Granada, Bogotá, Colombia, introduce themselves to each other at the 2009 Mennonite World Conference general assembly in Paraguay. They met every day to share and discuss what they were learning. Facing each other are Margarita Gil, left, of Colombia, and Pastor Marilyn Rudy-Froese of Ontario. To the left of Gil is Pastor Yalile Cabellero of Colombia. To the right of Rudy-Froese is Josie Winterfeld, of Ontario.
Sister churches strengthen ties between believers November 3, 2010
Members of the community displaced from Mampuján Viejo participated the first nine days of the reparation hearing held in Bogotá via videoconference in Mampuján Nuevo. A large tent was set up with 400 chairs and three video projectors.
Displaced Colombian community may get compensation August 4, 2010
MCC launches new Seed program for young adults December 1, 2008