The Coral Court
Photo courtesy of Kristi Stalter, All 5 Kinds

Kristi Stalter, creator of All 5 Kinds fashion blog, is a lifelong supporter of MCC. She encourages her followers to connect with MCC, including by putting together school kits.

A blog about fashion might not be the first place one would imagine seeing photos of MCC school kits, but All 5 Kinds isn’t your typical fashion blog. Kristi Stalter, from Bloomington, Ill., started the blog, originally called The Coral Court, about a year ago, and it has blossomed into a popular lifestyle blog with close ties to MCC.

All 5 Kinds, which has about 45,000 followers combining Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, still centers on fashion and showcases photos of latest trends. But Stalter also uses it as a platform to share things close to her heart, including MCC. “It is important to me that my readers see me as more than someone that blogs about materialistic items,” said Stalter.

A teacher herself, Stalter feels closely connected to MCC’s education projects including school kits and the Global Family program. In fact, she dedicated one of her blog posts to MCC schools kits. She wrote, “Since I am an elementary teacher and see how excited students get when they get out their new school supplies on the first day of school, this project hit close to home.”

Stalter teaches second grade in a classroom that integrates special education students. Her students primarily come from low income families, so Stalter does what many teachers do – she buys school supplies for her students who can’t afford them. While she shops for supplies for students in Bloomington, she also picks up supplies to make MCC school kits for children around the world.

“My grandmother has made school kits for as long as I can remember,” she said. “I have always been connected with MCC since I was a little girl.”

As a young adult with lots of choices of organizations to support, these family ties, along with attending Goshen College, have kept her closely connected to MCC. “I find that there are not many charities that make much of an effort to solicit young adults,” she said. “I think that the reason is not just that they may not have the funds to [give], but they may also have not found a cause that they are passionate about.”

For Stalter, MCC has provided a way to connect her passion for education with her desire to give. On her blog she links to the MCC website under the How I Give page, encouraging her readers to also consider getting involved. “My roots with MCC have played a major part in my decision,” she said. “I also know that the majority of the donations go to the places that they are intended to go to.”