Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer/Juanita Nuñez

The team regularly prays before giving out food, literature, comforters, etc. to people experiencing homelessness in downtown Orlando, Florida. The team also presents the Gospel to those they meet when given the opportunity.

MCC church partner name: Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer (Ebenezer Christian Church), Southeast Mennonite Conference, MC USA

Location: Apopka, Florida (a suburb of Orlando). Our church is mainly comprised of Hispanic members from many different countries. In the local population of Apopka, nearly one out of every four residents are from a Latin household. The Hispanic community has worked in the agricultural industries for more than a century. Most of the workers in this field are undocumented.

Importance of serving: It is important to serve in your local community because this is an extension of the ministry that Christ performed while He was here. It also allows other people to see God working in their lives in a tangible form.

We have a worldwide vision when it comes to serving in the local community. The church was called to be a city on a hill. A beacon of light in a dark world. A city of refuge from the ravages of the war with sin and death. We are called to serve everyone without reservation and judgment. This is one of the ways we share His unconditional love to the world.

A woman receives a comforter from the team (names not provided). Some people cry and say this is the first time they have received a new blanket.Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer/Juanita Nuñez

Community outreach in Florida: We try to have about 5-7 different activities during the year. These activities are typically done to help children, families and the homeless living in central Florida.

To help the homeless, we partner with another church and their outreach, “Ministerio de Vida y Esperanza” or “Way of Life & Hope Ministry.” When we reach out to the homeless, we provide some personal hygiene products, comforters and food that was prepared from supplies given to us. We are proud to say that a majority of our congregation participates in these events.

MCC partnership: When I think of the difference MCC makes, it reminds me of the miracle of the fish and loaves. As a small congregation, we normally would not have enough resources available to provide for these diverse items for the people. But with the Lord’s favor working through us, we are able to multiply our supplies and reach many needy people.

MCC serves as a connection in Florida facilitating resources between local churches. Thanks to donations by volunteers at Dorcas Circle out of Bahia Vista Mennonite Church (Sarasota, Florida), the following resources were provided:

  • 50 comforters
  • 100 school kits
  • 100 hygiene kits
  • 100 infant care kits
  • 240 cans of MCC canned meat (through national meat canning efforts)
Needy is not limited to physical needs but also emotional and spiritual needs. We spread the word, pray and even leave literature for further study of who God is.

Barbara Tejeda, from Way of Life & Hope Ministry, gives out food and a comforter in downtown Orlando. Women from Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer prepare around 70 plates and drinks to distribute in a few places in the area, using the canned meat. Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer/Juanita Nuñez

We are honored to be a part of the MCC family. We know that they are also helping many other people all over the globe. And we are grateful to be able to co-labor with them to share the Lord’s work.

Help partners serve more communities both here and around the world through MCC kits and other resources. For more information, visit mcc.org/kits.

Want to learn more about MCC’s work in southern Florida? Contact Andrew Bodden, MCC East Coast program director, at AndrewBodden@mcc.org.