Seminar candidates can also apply to be a member of the Global Seminar cohort. Cohort members will engage more deeply during and after the seminar, and receive a scholarship. Applicants will choose from among three different roles:

  1. Delegate: Assumes responsibility as a host during peer small group discussions, ensuring all voices are included in conversations. Delegates will produce a written article detailing their own unique voice and response to the seminar. 
  2. Rapporteur: Play an important role in the successful follow-up of the symposium and mini-seminars. The aim of this position is to ensure that the proceedings and outcomes of the event are clearly recorded and aid the production of a post-event synthesis report.
  3. Social Media Ambassador: Play an integral role in supporting the seminar's digital presence by driving engagement in the lead-up to and during the seminar. Responsibilities include amplifying social media content and initiatives; capturing, creating, and disseminating blogs and articles and related report; and live-tweeting portions of the seminar itself.

In addition to contributing to the success of the Global Student Seminar, after the seminar Cohort members be connected to the UN Office and one another for six months through a private social media group and be offered 2-3 opportunities for small group conversations with seminar panelists and similar experts.

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