Concerning the tragic situation in Myanmar, the MCC United Nations office recently joined its voice with 205 other organizations in support of the Global Civil Society Statement on Myanmar, denouncing the violations of human rights and opposing military rule. This statement calls upon the United Nations Security Council and Member States to urgently impose a global arms embargo on Myanmar as the minimum necessary step. We continue to work alongside and pray for our partners in the country. One partner shared, “Thank you all for your love, prayers and support during our very dark and sad days. Situations in Myanmar are still very depressive. I honestly sometimes feel very hopeless. Yet, I am aware and reminded of myself every now and then that we have to live through it and overcome it someday. Arbitrary arrests, burnings, explosions, killings and bloodshed are everyday happenings. Please kindly continue to be with us and support us with your prayers and love.” 

(From our May 2021 Global Briefing)