Photo/Yanett Palacio

Youth volunteers Pablo Larios, left, and Heber Godinez from Roca de Salvación, a Mennonite church in Guatemala City, prepare MCC relief kits for delivery to people who were forced from their homes by the eruption of Volcán de Fuego. The kits are going to a municipal shelter in Alotenango at the base of the volcano. 

MCC is providing relief kits, hygiene kits and blankets to help the Guatemala Mennonite Church respond to the needs of people displaced by a volcanic eruption on Sunday, June 3.

Rock, gas and ash from Volcán de Fuego, a volcano located about 25 miles southwest of Guatemala City, has killed at least 38 people, injured 300 and caused 3,100 people to evacuate.

In addition to your prayers, we invite you to donate relief kits to your nearest MCC material resources center or donate to MCC’s relief fund.

How to make a relief kit

Relief kits provide valuable supplies to families whose lives have been disrupted by war or disaster. Natalie, a long-time volunteer at MCC, demonstrates how to build one.

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